Faculty and Staff

Jenifer Cruickshank

Title: Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Dairy Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2003
M.S. in Animal Science, University of California, Davis, 1996
B.S. in Genetics, University of California, Davis, 1994

Areas of Specialty:
  functional genomics, genetics, reproductive biology, farm and companion animal biology

Research Interests:
  functional genomics of female reproduction, female reproductive aging, genetics of "how many babies"

Recent Publications:

A. Brisbin, J. Cruickshank, N.S. Moïse, T. Gunn, C.D. Bustamante, J.G. Mezey. 2011. Fast, exact linkage analysis for categorical traits on arbitrary pedigree designs. Genetic Epidemiology 35(5):371-380.

N.J. Place and J. Cruickshank. 2010. Short photoperiod initiated during adulthood sustains reproductive function in older female Siberian hamsters more effectively than short photoperiod initiated before puberty. Biology of Reproduction 82:778-782.

A.N. Phalen, R. Wexler, J. Cruickshank, S-U. Park, and N.J. Place. 2010. Photoperiod-induced differences in uterine growth in Phodopus sungorus are evident at an early age when serum estradiol and uterine estrogen receptor levels are not different. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, Part A 155:115-121.

N.J. Place and J. Cruickshank. 2009. Graded response to short photoperiod during development and early adulthood in Siberian hamsters and the effects on reproduction as females age. Hormones and Behavior 55:390-397.

J. Cruickshank, R.L. Quaas, J. Li, S. Hemsley, T.M. Gunn, N.S. Moïse. 2009. Genetic Analysis of Ventricular Arrhythmia Afflicting Young German Shepherd Dogs. Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine 23:264-70.

S.R. Hackett, S-W. Jung, E. Kirkness, J. Cruickshank, K.L. Vikstrom, N.S. Moïse,and T.M. Gunn. 2007. Identification and characterization of canine microsatellite markers in cardiac genes. Animal Genetics 38:89-91.

W. Liu, S. Hackett, J. Cruickshank, K.L. Vikstrom, N.S. Moïse, and T.M. Gunn. 2006. Canine microsatellites associated with genes implicated in cardiac development and function. Animal Genetics 37:87.

J. Cruickshank, D.I. Grossman, R.K. Peng, T.R. Famula, and A.M. Oberbauer. 2005. Spatial Distribution of Growth Hormone Receptor, Insulin-like Growth Factor-I Receptor, and Apoptotic Chondrocytes During Growth Plate Development. Journal of Endocrinology 184:543-53.

J. Cruickshank, M.R. Dentine, P.J. Berger, and B.W. Kirkpatrick. 2004. Evidence for Quantitative Trait Loci Affecting Twinning Rate in North American Holstein Cattle. Animal Genetics 35:206-212.

J. Cruickshank
, K.A. Weigel, M.R. Dentine, and B.W. Kirkpatrick. 2002. Indirect Prediction of Herd Life in Guernsey Dairy Cattle. Journal of Dairy Science 85:1307-1313.

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