Faculty and Staff

Richard Back

Title:  Associate Professor

B.S. Syracuse University, 1982
M.S. Clemson University, 1985
Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 1993

Area(s) of Specialty:  Plankton Ecology, Limnology, Aquatic Entomology

Research Interests:  Flux of materials through aquatic ecosystems

Recent Publications: (* Denotes Oswego Undergraduate Research Student)   

Keller, B.J., R.C. Back, J. Westrick, M. Werner, B. Evans, A. Moerke, G. Zimmerman, D.D. Wright, E. Grenfell, J. Courneya. (2011)  Sediment quality at select sites in the St. Marys River Area of Concern. J. Great Lakes Res. 37:12-20.

Walsh, M.G., B.F. Lantry, B. Boscarino, K. Bowen, J. Gerlofsma, T. Schaner, R.C. Back, J. Questel*, A.G. Smythe, R. Cap, M. Goehle, B. Young, M. Chalupnicki, J. H. Johnson and J.E. McKenna Jr. (2010)  Early observations on an emerging Great Lakes invader Hemimysis anomala in Lake Ontario. J. Great Lakes Res. 36:499-504.

Kennedy, A.J., R.W. Griel, R.C. Back, and T.M. Sutton.  (2005)  Population characteristics and spawning migration dynamics of pink salmon in the U.S. water of the St. Marys River.  J. Great Lakes Res. 31:11-21.

Kreutzweiser, D.P., R.C.Back, T.M. Sutton, K.L. Pangle and D.G. Thomspon.  (2004)  Aquatic mesocosm assessments of neem (azadirachtin) insecticide at environmentally realistic concentrations - 2: zooplankton communtiy reponses and recovery.  Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety  59:194-204.

Back, R.C., P.R. Gorski, L.B. Cleckner and J.P. Hurley.  (2003)  Mercury content and speciation in the plankton and benthos of Lake Superior. Science of the Total Environment 304-349-354.

Cleckner, L.B., R.C. Back, P.R. Gorski, J.P. Hurley and S. Byler.  (2003)  Seasonal and size-specific distribution of methylmercury in seston and zooplankton of two contrasting Great Lakes embayments.  Journal of Great Lakes Research.  29:134-144.

Rolfhus, K.R., H.E. Sakamoto, L.B. Cleckner, R.W. Stoor, C.L. Babiarz, R.C. Back, H. Manolopoulos and J.P. Hurley.  (2003)  The distribution of mercury in Lake Superior.  Environmental Science and Technology 37:865-872.

Back, R.C., J.P. Hurley and K.R. Rolfhus.  (2002)  Watershed influences on the transport, fate and bioavailability of mercury in Lake Superior: Field measurements and modeling approaches.  Lakes and Reservoirs 7:210-206.

Kreutzweiser, D.P., R.C. Back, T.M.Sutton, D.G. Thompson and T.A. Scarr.  (2002)  Community-level disruptions among zooplankton of pond enclosures treated with neem (azadirachtin) insecticide.  Aquatic Toxicology 56:257-273.