Faculty and Staff Directory

An academic department is only as good as its faculty.

The Biological Sciences Department at SUNY Oswego boasts an outstanding faculty who are committed to a high standard of teaching, research, and service to the college community. We believe in trying to build a learning-centered community where the discovery of knowledge plays an important role in every student's academic career.

You'll find members of the Department of Biological Sciences share a commitment to high quality teaching, research, and academic advisement, and who work closely with individual students and student organizations.

Full-time Faculty
Julien Bachelier, Assistant Professor (starts Fall 2014)
Richard C. Back II, Associate Professor (currently Interim Dean, CLAS)
Timothy F. Braun, Assistant Professor
Christopher Chandler, Assistant Professor 
Anthony L. Contento, Visiting Assistant Professor
Jenifer Cruickshank, Assistant Professor
David A. Dunn, Assistant Professor
Poongodi Geetha-Loganathan, Assistant Professor
Ronald Graham, Visiting Instructor
C. Eric Hellquist, Assistant Professor
John W. Laundre, Visiting Instructor
James A. MacKenzie, Associate Professor and Chair
Michael McDonald, Visiting Instructor
Andrew McElwain, Visiting Assistant Professor
Kamal I. Mohamed, Professor
Peter D. Newell, Assistant Professor (starts Fall 2014)
Jennifer C. Olori, Assistant Professor
Peter A. Rosenbaum
, Professor
Maria Sagot, Assistant Professor (starts Fall 2014)
Michael Schummer, Vistiting Assistant Professor
James L. Seago, Professor
Karen R. Sime, Associate Professor
Cynthia J. Tant, Visiting Assistant Professor 
Sofia Windstam, Assistant Professor

Adjunct Faculty
Ryan Barker
Cleane Medeiros
Emily Oaks

Support Staff
Lisa Brancato (Academic Advisement Coordinator)
April Tuttle (Secretary) 
Sandra Nichols (Clerical) 
Kirsten Parsons (Instructional Support)

In Memorium

Lucina Hernandez Laundre, Associate Professor