Biology Degree Programs

Emphasis is placed on the Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology because we want our students to be well-rounded undergraduates who also have good backgrounds in multiple disciplines that enhance students' writing and communication skills and critical thinking. The College's General Education requirements help to provide this background. We try to prepare students for advanced studies, as well as for careers not requiring advanced degrees, by including courses in cognate (related) areas of science and in research. We encourage students to pursue minor degree programs in disciplines of interest to them; these range from music to chemistry or computer science, and some students obtain a second major in a discipline of their liking.

Careers in Biology include: educator, researcher, environmental lawyer, health professional, interpretive naturalist, science journalist, and conservationist.

Who hires Biologists? Colleges and universities, technical schools, high schools, biotechnology companies (agricultural products and pesticide producers, food industry, pharmaceutical sales and production,  health-related consumer items), independent research labs, corporations that want information about environmental impacts of their efforts.

Degree Requirements

Biology B.A.

Biology B.S.

Biology minor