Undergraduate courses at Oswego

Art History

Art 100: Introduction to the Visual Arts
Art 250: Western Heritage I - Survey of Art I
Art 251: Western Heritage II- Survey of Art II
Art 254: Critical Looking - Images of Power and Persuasion
Arh 260: Art in a Historical Context
Art 350: Italian Renaissance Art
Art 351: Northern Renaissance Art
Art 352: Nineteenth Century Art
Art 353: Twentieth Century Art
Art 354: Art in America I
Art 357: Gender in the Visual Arts
Art 359: The Arts of Sub-Saharan Africa
Art 361: Art, Poetry and Religion in Medieval Japan
Art 364: Medieval Art
Art 366: Japanese Ink Painting
Art 368: Chinese Art History
Art 369: Japanese Art
Art 373: Theories of Diverse Sexuality
Art 380: Introduction to Museum Studies
Art 381: Contemporary Museum Studies
Art 471: Seminar in Contemporary Art Issues
Art 490: Readings and Research in Art History