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Summerfame Theater Institute is not running in the Summer of 2014

An Unforgettable Theatre Workshop

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PLEASE NOTE:  SUNY Oswego is renovating our theatre and fine arts complex starting in the summer of 2014.  As a result, Summerfame, Oswego's exciting residential intensive theatre experience for students entering grades 9 — 12, will not run in the Summer of 2014.  Please check back for information about Summer 2015.

Train in several performance disciplines including acting, vocal music, dance and musical theatre. To learn more about our program, visit our SummerFame Details page.

Vocal Music: You will explore the psychological and kinesthetic skill sets that contribute to success as a professional singer. Vocal mechanism, connection of the body to the voice, basics of diction, and song interpretation are investigated, along with discussions on topics such as vocal health, practice techniques and score preparation.

Fundamentals of Acting: This class is an introduction to the important foundation work of acting, which emphasizes practicing with concentration, focus, imagination, physical presence and honesty. Exercises, improvisation and scenes with partners are explored to develop the actor's commitment, vulnerability, and moment-to-moment involvement in the process of acting.

Voice, Speech, and Text: This class engages the student actor in the exploration and training of breathing, posture, relaxation; the production and transmission of vocal sound waves; and the articulation of sound into speech through work on monologues.

Movement Class: The class introduces the student to physical release and body awareness work to help the actor reach an energized, balanced state for efficient use of the body in performance. Exercises will center on relaxation techniques, yoga, movement improvisation and dance.

Special Workshops: Topics include auditioning, choosing a college, instruction in commercial acting  and acting for the camera, and mask acting. Previous years' seminars have included an Entertainment Manager from Disney World as well as the Artistic Director and actors from The Renaissance Festival.

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