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New York City POV - First Summer Session - May 27 thru June 13, 2014

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New York City is the world's capital for public relations and media.  

Want to find out more about these exciting career fields?  

Here's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

Experience New York's vibrant public relations and media industries first hand, meet professionals in the field and network with Oswego alumni.  New York POV is a new program that allows students the opportunity to study the public relations industry.  During the second week of the course you will spend the week in the Big Apple and meet with creative leaders in the advertising, public relations and media experts to learn about what they do. 

In order to participate in New York POV you must apply for admission to the program and then register for Com 410 - New York POV*.  The course will run in the first Summer Session from May 27 through June 13, 2014.  For weeks one and three, students will be participating in coursework online by exploring career options, researching and examing the nature of public relations field.  During the second week of the course (June 1st through June 6th) class members will travel to New York City for a field trip to meet with industry professionals and to network with Oswego alumni.  During this week you will have an opportunity to visit professionals in public relations fields, in media and event planning venues.  Learn first hand about the many career opportunities related to public relations, advertising, event planning and media industries. 

For more information about this program please contact Professor Sarah Bozek

The application* deadline for this program is February 14, 2014.  Selected students must register for Com 410.  For students who do not live in the New York City metro area, housing will be provided.  Program costs will include some meals, transportation in New York City during the week of the field trip and activities planned for the group. For students who are not from the Metro New York area, housing will be provided at additional cost. 

* Applications for New York POV are available from Professor Bozek (5 Lanigan Hall) or the secretary in the Communication Studies office (17 Lanigan Hall)