School of Communications Media and the Arts


Todd Backus


I decided back in High School that I would be majoring in Theater. At the time I really wanted to be an actor. Once I got here I took classes in a number of the different disciplines (Costumes, Theatre Design, Directing) and I found I had a real passion for all sorts of aspects of theater. I've worked in Lighting, Props, Costume Construction, Dramaturgy, Directing, and Acting. With this holistic introduction to the field of theater, I fostered a passion for directing. With the help of my professors I have been able to pursue directing, I even produced the first fully mounted student directed and designed full-length play since I've been here.

Coming to Oswego has given me the opportunity to form friendships and connections with peers in different fields of the theater as well as professionals. I've been able to work collaboratively with students and staff alike on numerous projects and have learned as much if not more in the theater itself as I have in the classroom. In fact, I'd say that this program really shines because it encourages students to explore all facets of the theater in both theory and practice.

The program here at Oswego is amazing and as intense as you want it to be. The faculty and staff always have their doors open to the students and some of my most important lessons have come in these one-on-one chats with my professors. Between the Acting/Directing, Design/Technical, Musical, and History/Criticism tracks, we've got a lot to offer here at SUNY Oswego.