School of Communications Media and the Arts

Graphic Design

Katie Loperfido

Graphic Design

In today's ever changing world, for students interested in new media and graphics the opportunities are limitless. Here at SUNY Oswego, my eyes have been opened to the ways in which my passion for art and design can be transformed into a lifelong career.

Starting out in the graphic design program, I came in with little knowledge concerning the programs and skills necessary to become a successful designer. However, the experienced and caring faculty quickly rid of my apprehension and began to show me the way.

I was exposed to everything from print, web, three-dimensional modeling, multimedia, photography, illustration and an in-depth look at typography. Everything in the design industry is connected somehow and having knowledge in different areas makes you much more versatile and overall competent. A combination of lecture and hands-on, the professors provide me with a solid foundation so I can then really explore and expand on my personal design style. Unlike other schools that may steer you in one strict direction, Oswego lets you choose your own path with expert guidance.

Tyler Hall has studios for foundation design, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, painting, printmaking, and photography. As a bonus, two art galleries located within Tyler Hall present you with opportunities throughout the year to showcase work to the college community and public. It is one more way Oswego is helping me to get my name out there to potential employers and make my design aspirations a reality.

It can be difficult to keep up with the latest and greatest software, yet here at Oswego I always have access to the most current software, devices like digital cameras and state-of-the-art computer workstations. Conveniently located throughout campus near residential areas and spots like the library means I always program access. Working on the same equipment you know industry professionals are working on makes you feel you are truly getting prepared to work in the field.

Located on the first floor of Lanigan Hall, the graphic design wing feels like its own private area. There are spacious lecture/critique rooms and digital media labs situated next to each other. I can easily go from the computer lab, to the professional portfolio prep station, to the room for final critique. Whenever I have some down time or a wait between classes, I head to the student lounge. It is here I can meet up with friends from class, discussing projects we have or potential employment opportunities. The student lounge is a great place for relaxing, yet still being in an educational environment.

While college is all about growth and learning in a classroom setting, Oswego offers students the chance to participate in internships around the globe. I am currently interning locally on campus, putting my classroom knowledge to test. Plus, I am getting the real world experience employers look for and am receiving upper-division credit.

I am not sure where the road will take me, but I do know SUNY Oswego has supplied me with the knowledge and skills to become successful in any field, be it advertising, information design, product design, game design or web design