School of Communications Media and the Arts

Journalism Studies

Kaitlin Provost

Journalism Studies

I'm from Massachusetts, and everyone always asks me the same thing - "Why are you here?!"

I'm here because Oswego offered me a great opportunity - the Journalism program here is unlike any other and I fell in love with the campus. The program offers me a chance to write for notable student organizations like The Oswegonian and WTOP and it also allows me to take on my own challenges. I co-founded an online magazine here, a branch of Her Campus. I also helped find Ed2010 in Oswego, a magazine networking organization. Not every school would have given me that opportunity.

They  have a good variety of choices regarding classes and there are clubs for literally every interest group. There are also a lot of things to do on campus, like sporting events, ice skating, open mic nights, and much more.

When I first visited Oswego, I met Linda Loomis, one of the professors here. Her enthusiasm and passion for writing made me extremely excited about Oswego and I instantly knew I had to come here. She made me feel at home. Many of the professors here are friendly and enthusiastic about what they teach, which I think makes Oswego a wonderful place to learn.

I absolutely love Oswego, and I wouldn't trade my experiences here for anything!