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Communication Studies

Franny Hill

Communication Studies

Communication studies at SUNY Oswego opens potential doors both figuratively and mentally. Located in Lanigan Hall, the communication department not only offers opportunities to students in the career world, but also allows individuals to become more self-aware. If you happen to be fascinated with relationships, female/male communication and what it means to work within groups, communication courses are what you want to take. By majoring in communication studies, you will gain the knowledge to be persuasive, learn how to manage conflict, and will acquire experience in public speaking. All in all, communication courses help make sense of life's relationships.

Faculty in the communication department are hard not to admire and look up to. Often times I will have the same professor for multiple courses, creating a real positive repertoire with them. They are easy to relate to and try to communicate with students on a personable level, yet at the same time establish a professor/student and business-like relationship. As any communication major knows, being relatable is crucial in order to establish a connection, be it social or for professional reasons. Learning about interpersonal communication is what won me over and encouraged me to declare as a communication major. I've had the opportunity to take courses that not only fit major requirements, yet sound highly interesting to me on a personal level. Who doesn't wish to know what the opposite sex is thinking or why they do what they do? What's the best way to work with other people in a group to produce the best product possible? How can I overcome my fear of public speaking and become a confident orator? These are all inquiries I initially had upon entering SUNY Oswego and by going through the communication department are able to have answered.

I highly recommend taking some communication courses at some point in your college career. There is no other major where you get to watch current artifacts of popular culture and movies for analysis. My communication degree has not only brought me enjoyment, but prepared me for the real world by providing me with the necessary tools how to properly communicate and be a conscious member of society.