School of Communications Media and the Arts

Communication Studies

Bailey Smith

Communication Studies

I knew I wanted to come to SUNY Oswego since my junior year in high school. I had read up on all that the Communication Major had to offer and thought SUNY Oswego was where I belonged. The fact that SUNY Oswego isn't a large campus and doesn't have an immense amount of students guarantees you smaller classes, which I believe enhances the learning experience. This is my junior year and I still feel the same way. The department has been extremely helpful and taught me so much for my future.

The Communication Department faculty has had a huge impact on my experience here. They have been the selling point when I encourage other people to come to Oswego. I feel that I have gotten the chance to know the majority of my professors on a personal level, which has inspired and encouraged me to succeed in the major. Most of my other friends who attend other colleges have not had this experience. The professors here really do care and are willing to do anything they can to make sure you succeed both inside and outside of the classroom.

I have also had the privilege of being a teacher's assistant for Intro to Communication with Dr. Jennifer Knapp and I am also currently a member of Lambda Pi Eta, which is the honor society for the Communication Department. All of which have helped me learn about myself and what I want to do after I receive my degree.