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Financial Management Association

Our objective is to assist in the professional, educational, and network development of students of State University of New York at Oswego (SUNY Oswego) who are interested in corporate finance, financial management, investment banking, risk management, banking and insurance, portfolio management, and global asset management. As a award-winning student club that has a corporate focus, we are students-oriented, career-oriented, and results-oriented.

Membership is open to all full and part-time students, faculty and staff of SUNY Oswego. Four classes of membership are offered: Associate, Active, Honor Society, and Honorary. FMA Student Chapter at SUNY Oswego is a proud affiliate of Financial Management Association International 

There are 4 business meetings, 4 educational meetings, and 4 special meetings held per semester. Please contact or the faculty advisors for more information. Our chapter official website is

President & CEO: Trevor Bacon (
Senior Vice-President: Alexander Ross (
Chief Financial Officer: Chenfan Xu (
Chief Communications Officer: Tisaru Perera (
Chief Operating Officer: Matthew Sliker (
VP of Operations: Matt Kurdziel (
VP of Finance: Ashley Moore (
VP of Marketing: Corey James (
VP of Business Development: Zeshan Hussain  (
Senior Executive Assistant: Eyub Yegen (

Faculty Advisor - Eric Tsai (