Business Management Club


Mission Statement:

The Business Management Club is designed for those who want to learn from top business executives. We provide unlimited leadership and practical skill building opportunities to overall optimize each person's ability to gain an internship or job they are searching for. 


Many undergraduates lack the important technical skills that are essential in becoming successful.  We teach undergrads how to develop their personal branding message while showing them how to compete with those individuals from elite universities with high GPAs.  We advocate interpersonal skills and professionalism.

Executive Board:

Chief Executive Officer - Trevor Bacon                               

  VP of Activities - Rose Joseph

Chief Operating Officer - Alex Ross                                    

  VP of Public Relations - Lauren Lasky

Chief Financial Officer - Preston Krieger                        

  VP of Operations - Brian Krohl

Chief Marketing Officer - Shane Riley                              

  VP of Business Development - Asa Gibbs

Chief Communications Officer - Matt Sliker                     

  VP of Digital Marketing - Billy Reese

Chief Information Officer - Dan Ulrich                               

  VP of Media Marketing - Bryan Wienart

Chief Human Resources Officer - Courtney Collins          

  VP of Multicultural Marketing - Taylor Ross

Faculty Advisor - Thomas Ingram                                     

  VP of Human Resources - Jennifer Akosa


*Please contact for more information.