Beta Alpha Psi

Beta Alpha Psi is the premier honor society for accounting and finance students, restricted to high GPA students. It is an international scholastic and professional fraternity which recognizes academic excellence and complements members' formal education by providing interaction and networking among students, faculty and professionals. 

A primary objective of the organization is to promote and recognize outstanding academic achievement in the fields of accounting, finance and information systems. Members are involved in professional development activities as well as campus and community service activities which enhance and complement the collegiate experience while fostering a sense of ethical, social and public responsibility. 

Membership is open to financial information students of high academic standing who commit to participation in a variety of self-development and service activities including career preparation, tutoring, VITA and charitable volunteer work.  Additional opportunities include participation in international and regional meetings, workshops and seminars.

President - Shane Kinley (
VP/Reporter - Brandon Messecar (
Treasurer - Kaitlyn Thomas (
Secretary - Kerry McSweeney (

Professional Events - Anthony Andron (
Special Events - Sheneya Wilson (
Tutoring - Jordyn Tracey (
Tutoring - James Cordon (
Fundraising - Dario Alberqueque (
Fundraising - Matthew Sliker (
VITA Coordinator - Elise Tartaglia (
VP of VITA- Travis Trexler (
VP of VITA - Jay Hassey (

Faculty Advisor - Andrea Pagano ( )