School of Business

Department of Management and Marketing

Sarfraz Mian, Chair
233 Rich Hall
Ext. 3154

Professors:  Steven Abraham, Ashraf Attia, Pamela Cox, June Dong, Sarfraz Mian, James Molinari, Ding Zhang
Associate Professors: Barry Friedman, John Huonker, Raihan Khan, Kenneth Shaw
Assistant Professors:  Sarah Bonzo, Ann Edwards, Carrie Fellows (visiting), Thomas Ingram, Stathis Kefallonitis, Napatsorn Jiraporn, Larry Maher, David McLain, Xiaoyu Pu, Jinpei Wu

The BS degrees in Business Administration, Human Resource Management, Marketing, and Management Science are offered through the Department of Management and Marketing. The BS in Business Administration is a general business degree which gives students a background in general management, and the opportunity to focus their studies on a selected concentration. The BS degree programs in Human Resource Management and Marketing provide the student the opportunity to study these disciplines at the advanced level and to gain professional experiences in these fields. The BS in Management Science offers two specializations: Management Information Systems, and Operations Analysis. The department also offers two minors: a Business Administration minor and an International Business minor.

The department also offers an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) degree.