Business Administration Minor Program Information

Business Administration Minor
Advisor:  Glynn English

1.  Students may choose one of the three following program options:
     A.  Option 1 - Career Applications
     B.  Option 2 - Graduate Studies
     C.  Option 3 - Leadership

Option 1 is designed for those students who are interested in career application upon graduation.

Option 2 is designed for those students who are interested in enrolling in a graduate program in Business at a later date.

Option 3 is for the student who is interested in gaining practical experience in leadership, which will assist them in future supervisory positions after graduation.

2.  Some of the courses have prerequisites.  However, it is likely that those prerequisites can also be used to complete a student's major cognates or general education requirements.

3.  Students may not use courses credited to their major programs to fulfill elective requirements in the Business Administration minor.

4.  Course programs and electives will be approved by the minor advisory committee.

5.  Admission to the minor program will be determined by a competitive selection process and the major department's participation in the minor program.