Faculty, students and alumni publish original research that contributes to your knowledge of human resource management.  For example, Mr. Patrick Murphy, SUNY Oswego class of 1974 and Dean's Advisory Board member, published "Bridging the Talent Gap" (.pdf 301kb) in Bank Director (2008). Mr. Murphy emphasizes the need for management succession planning and aligning business and human resource strategies.

Dr. Friedman clarified how human resource professionals can significantly increase their organization's corporate reputation.  The abstract as it appears in the Corporate Reputation Review, a top journal in the field, appears below:

"Corporate reputation is an intangible yet important factor that influences stakeholder behavior, including employees, management, customers and investors.  In order to add organizational value, the human resource (HR) function must focus on actions that build employee competencies and motivation that in turn positively influence corporate reputation.  This article reviews HR roles and presents a conceptual framework that builds on research conducted by Fombrun and van Riel (2004).  The framework suggests that HR can indirectly help improve corporate reputation.  The author provides organizational examples and implications for HR managers" (Friedman, Barry, 2009.  Human Resource Role Implications for Corporate Reputation. (.pdf 1.33Mb) Corporate Reputation Review, 12(3), 229-244).

Copies of faculty research articles are available on request.

See "sample publications" for additional publications.