Policy on Second Undergraduate Degrees


According to the College Catalog, academic policy regarding and relating to Admitting/Readmitting students who are seeking a Second Undergraduate Degree is as follows:

"An individual may pursue a second undergraduate degree to fulfill a different academic objective but may not concurrently pursue two undergraduate degrees at Oswego.  An individual who seeks admission/readmission to earn a second undergraduate degree must:

  1. meet with an academic advisor in the major to develop a program of study;
  2. obtain approval of the program of study by the appropriate dean's office before being admitted/readmitted;
  3. complete and pass a minimum of 30 hours of coursework at Oswego;
  4. complete all requirements in the major with the combination of the courses taken before admission/readmission and those taken after to earn the second undergraduate degree."
"Students admitted to pursue a second undergraduate degree begin with a new (0.00) GPA."

The intended interpretation of the above policy is that despite however many credit hours the student may have already taken towards the second major while an undergraduate working toward his/her first degree, the student will still be required to complete requirements at Oswego including all core, concentrate, cognates and electives required in the major deemed necessary by the student's advisor and the dean's office.  In addition, all second degrees must be in a significantly different academic field and requires Dean's approval prior to registration.

No additional general education requirements are required - only completion of all required coursework for the second degree major discipline.

Structure of Proposed Program of Study

An academic advisor and student should create a written document that describes the program of study to meet the requirements listed above. This should include:

  • the designation of the program of study which indicates the total credit hours needed to complete the requirements for the major, inclusive of core, elective, cognate and/or other requirements
  • a listing of the coursework to be taken which demonstrates that at least 30 credit hours of coursework at Oswego are part of the plan
  • signatures and dates for both the faculty advisor and student, indicating agreement with the proposed plan.  Please note that until approved by the Dean's Office, this proposed plan is tentative and subject to revision.