Changing Grades

Faculty members who have made clerical errors in assigning grades can initiate a grade change by completing a SUNY Oswego Grade Change Form. After review by the chair of the department, this form will be reviewed by the appropriate dean. The dean in turn will give instructions to the registrar concerning changing the grade, if the grade is approved.
  • The instructor is not expected to change a grade unless there has been a clerical error.
  • All grade changes can only be made during the first six weeks of the following semester.
  • Incomplete grades become "E" grades automatically if the incomplete grade is not completed by the end of the sixth week of the following semester. This is true whether the student is in attendance at the College.
  • Faculty may extend an incomplete grade beyond the six week period for exceptions defined in the catalog. For a normal course, the extension can only be requested for students who can document a prolonged illness or is absent due to active military service. For more information concerning Incomplete grades, see the College Catalog.