College of Liberal Arts and Sciences: Academic Programs

The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences currently supports 50 Bachelor Degree programs, three of which can be earned through the Evening Degree Program, 40 minor programs and 10 cooperative degree programs. In addition, the College supports 5 Masters Degree programs. For a complete list of departments, please see the CLAS home page.

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Cooperative Degree Programs

African/African-American Studies minor
American Studies BA
Anthropology BA, minor
Applied Mathematics BS
Applied Mathematical Economics BS
Applied Statistics minor
Astronomy minor

Biocultural Anthropology minor
Biology BA, BS, minor, honors program

Chemistry BA, BS, MS, minor, honors program
Cognitive Science BA, BS, minor
Computer Science BA, BS, minor
Creative Writing minor

Economics BA, minor, honors program
Electrical and Computer Engineering, BS
English BA, MA, minor

Forensic Science minor
French BA, minor

Gender and Women's Studies BA, minor
Geochemistry BS
Geology BA, BS, minor
German BA, minor
Global and International Studies BA, minor

History BA, MA, minor, honors program
Human Development BA

Information Science BA, minor, evening degree
International Studies minor
Italian minor

Language and International Trade BA
Linguistics BA, minor

Mathematics BA, minor, honors program
Medieval and Renaissance Studies minor
Meteorology BA, BS, honors program

Native American Studies minor

Peace and Conflict Studies minor
BA, minor
Philosophy-Psychology BA
Physics BA, BS, minor, honors program
Political Science BA, minor, honors program
Psychology BA, minor, evening degree, honors program
Public Administration and Public Policy minor
Public Justice BA, evening degree


Sociology BA, minor
Software Engineering BS
Spanish BA, minor

Women's Studies, Gender and BA, minor

Zoology BA, BS, minor


Cooperative Degree Programs

  • Pre-Health Programs
  • Medical Imaging Sciences 2+2 BS from SUNY Upstate Medical University
  • Physical Therapy 3+3 BS/DPT from SUNY Upstate Medical University
  • Pre-Optometry 3+4 BA in Chemistry from Oswego and an OD in Optometry SUNY College of Optometry, New York City