Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

General graduation requirements can be found in the college catalog.  Requirements for majors and minors can be found in the college catalog or by going to the respective department's web page.  Specific graduation requirements for a student should be discussed with the student's advisor.


  • There are credit hour limitations on Internships, Independent Studies, and Practica.
  • Max 100/101 or repeated courses do not count toward the 122 hours.
  • Bachelor of Art Degree Students- there is a maximum of 54 hours allowed in the major, based on course subject. For example, a student with 60 hours in the major (6 more than allowed) needs to earn at least 128 total hours (6 hours over the minimum 122 required).

General Requirements by Degree/Major

For a thorough breakdown of requirements in a major, refer to Summary of Graduation Requirements.

DegreeWorks reports can be used to help determine if all requirements have been met.

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