Advisee Checklist

Advisee Checklist

What to do prior to meeting with your Advisor to get your registration Alternate PIN.

Meet with Peer Advisor or Mentor and review the list below. 

  • If you are still undeclared find 3 possible majors in rank order of preference.  Use the catalog to narrow down some ideas. 

  • Review your DegreeWorks Audit and Gen Ed requirements to make sure any courses you are transferring have been received (NOTE:  Your High School Foreign Language must be on your DegreeWorks Audit in order to take the next level).  Also, make sure your AP and College transfer credits are indicated on your audit.  If not you need to contact the college board for AP credits and/or the institution granting the college credit to have OFFICIAL transcripts sent to the registrars office. 

  • Log into myOswego and check the following:

    • The official date and time to that YOU are eligible to register.  This is based on the number of completed and transferred credit you have.

    • Check to make sure you don't have any HOLDS so that you can take care of them before you are eligible to register. 

  • Fill out three trial schedules using DIFFERENT courses for each.  Alternatives are a must.    

  • Note the following for each course:

    • CRN (5 digit course number starting with 9)

    • Time of courses (other sections that might work are helpful too)

    • What requirement they meet.

Searching For Classes 

  • Review your DegreeWorks Audit.  There are links directly to course availablility from each requirement that you still need to complete. 

  • You can use the Course Availability link if it is not your time to register.  Make sure you check the online site often because course times or rooms might change. 

  • You can search by Subject, Instructor, or Attribute Type.

    • To use the Attribute Type search, click on each category while holding down the Ctrl button and it will give you all General Education courses that are available in the areas selected. 

  • **Make 3 different schedules in case you get closed out of the courses you choose.   

  • Check each day prior to registering to keep updated on the course status. This helps when it comes time to register because you will already know which courses are still open and which are already closed. 

  • Make sure to check if a course has prerequisites. Prerequisites are courses you must have taken before you are allowed take that particular course.  If you don't have the prerequisite you will not be able to register for the class and you will not have the background to be successful in the class. 

  • When it comes time to register make sure you have all of your CRN's (Course Registration Number) written down. It is easier to type in the CRN rather than to search each class by subject.  Time is of an essence because over 1000 other students will be trying to register for classes at the same time as you!  The more prepared you are the better chance you have to get the classes you want!


Registering for Classes 

  1. Go to

  2. Use your Laker Net ID and Password (your email information)

  3. Click on Registration, then Undergraduate Student Registration

  4. Scroll down to Add/Drop Classes and click on it.

  5. Select the term you want to register for and press submit.