What's New?



A total of 30 - 33 hours in general education is now required (compared to approximately 42 in Gen Ed 2000)



The student has several areas to shape the general education program to his/her needs and interests.

1.      Personalized Requirements - The student completes 15 hours of gen ed courses offered in the following areas:  Natural Sciences, Social & Behavioral Sciences, American History, Western Civilization, Humanities, Fine & Performing Arts, and World Awareness.  At least four of these categories must be covered in the fifteen hours/five courses.

2.     To reach the required 30 hours of general education courses, you can take any 3 hours of approved GE course at 200-level or above.  (If you take a Foreign Language course through the 102 - level at the college level, you do not need to meet this requirement.)



Courses from a wide variety of disciplines will be offered with the purpose of enhancing "the way Oswego engages the world, on one hand, and the ways the world finds in SUNY Oswego a university community committed to serious inquiries about the complexity of thought in light of its diverse, local and global challenges."  This category requires 3 hours of coursework.



Several previously required course areas have been eliminated, including Intellectual Issues and Human Diversity (Tolerance and Intolerance in the U.S.)  Many of our most engaging and interesting courses were in these areas and will continue to be offered.  They now may meet departmental or other general education requirements.  Other category language such as "Basic Skills" and "Knowledge Foundations" has been eliminated for ease of understanding.



All departments and majors are being given the opportunity to demonstrate that their core courses meet the objectives of the computer and information literacy requirement or require a computer and information literacy course as a cognate.  Check with your department advisor as computer literacy may be infused for your major and you may not have to take an extra course to meet this requirement.


If you have more specific questions about GE 21 and the transition from GE 2000, click on the Q & A tab of this web page, the links on the first page of this website or visit the General Education page at http://www.oswego.edu/academics/undergraduate/ed_requirements/general.html.