Q & A for GEN ED 21 (GE 21)

All of the following questions and answers refer to students who are graduating AFTER August 2013.
Therefore, all May 2013 or August 2013 graduates remain under the General Education 2000 program.
All graduates from Fall 2013 on will be part of the new Gen Ed 21.

GE 2000 vs GE 21

Previous Requirements

1.  If a course meets a requirement, say "Mathematics," in GE 2000, does that same course meet the Mathematics requirements under GE 21?

            Yes, if there is a category in GE 21 that corresponds to a GE 2000 category, then a course will fulfill the same requirement in Gen Ed 21-unless a course has been de-listed by its Department.


2.  Computer and Informational Literacy in now infused.  What does that mean?  Do I have to still meet the requirement?

            Infusion means that the requirement is already embedded in certain courses in your major or is a course (usually a CSC or ISC course) required by your major as a "cognate."  Check with your advisor to see                   which  courses you need to complete to fulfill this requirement.


3.  I have already taken one Intellectual Issues course.  Now I see that the Intellectual Issues requirement is gone.  Does that mean I don't have to take the other Intellectual Issues course?

            Since there is no longer an Intellectual Issues requirement, you do not have to take any other courses in that category.  Intellectual Issues courses you have completed will serve as upper-division elective courses toward your 42 upper-division hours and total of 122 credits.  They may also now meet major, minor, or general education requirements.


4.  If I have taken courses in eliminated categories such as Human Diversity:  Tolerance and Intolerance or Intellectual Issues, are those credits lost?

            No.  All these courses count toward either upper division hours, courses outside your discipline and/or the total of 122 credits for graduation.  They may also meet major, minor, or GE 21 requirements.


New Requirements


1.  What courses satisfy World Awareness?  Should I try to meet the requirements in Spring 2013 or wait?

            A list of currently approved World Awareness courses can be found on the General Education page.  A     link is on the first page of this website.

           Check frequently as new courses are being approved on an ongoing basis.  A course you have already taken may appear on the list and will then count in this category when GE 21 goes into place in Fall 2013.  If not, you can choose one that is on the list this Spring 2013 semester.


2.  What is a "General Education Elective"?  Does this mean I do not have to take one, since it says 0 - 3 credits?

            All students must have 30 credits of General Education in order to be graduate.  You only need to take this "elective" if you haven't reached 30 credits by fulfilling your other General Education requirements.  The             word "elective" here means that you get to choose which course you take from the list of approved General Education courses - it does not mean you can "elect" to take a course or not.

             For example - if you fulfilled your language requirement with high school credits, then you would not need to take those credits here.  That would leave you with a total of 27 credits for General Education at Oswego.  You would need to take the Elective to reach 30 credits.


3.  Is the Foreign Language requirement any different than before?

            No, it is the same as before - through the 102 level.  Please see the Undergraduate Catalog for additional information concerning General Education and foreign language.




1.  Can I count a course for both a major and a GE 21 requirement?

            Yes, a particular designated course may fulfill both a major requirement and a GE 21 requirement.  The same is true for minor requirements.


2.  I had exemptions before based on my major, do these still exist in GE 21?

            Students will no longer be exempt from any GE 21 category based on their major or minor requirements.


3.  Can I double dip within GE 21?

            NO.  A course cannot be used to fulfill more than one GE 21 category.  If a course appears in the list of approved courses for two categories, you can still only use it to fulfill one general education requirement.

4.  Some departments used to give exams to exempt you from certain gen ed requirements.  Are those gone?

          No.  Check with indivdual departmsents for their policy on waiver examinations.


General Topics

1.  I am a transfer student coming to Oswego in Fall 2013 with an associate's degree, am I exempt from all Gen Ed 21 requirements?

            An earned associate's degree is not the determining factor.  Rather, students who transfer after completing the 7 categories out of 10 and the 30 credit SUNY General Education Requirement or its equivalent are exempt from all general education requirements at Oswego.


2.  I've completed all my Gen Ed 2000 course requirements, but do not graduate for three more semesters.  Can I count my general education requirements as met or do I have to complete the new World Awareness requirement?

            You do not need to complete the World Awareness requirement if you have completed all GE 2000 requirements prior to Fall 2013. 


3.  I transferred to Oswego prior to Fall 2013, am I exempt from any GE 21 requirements?

            No.  As is the case with all other continuing students, you will need to work with your advisor to determine which general education requirements remain to be completed, if any.