Celebrating the Shineman Center and Rice Creek Field Station


The Shineman Center and Rice Creek Field Station promote the college's sustainability goals in countless ways, from environmentally friendly construction to innovative use of energy. Features include:

  • Designed to meet LEED Gold enivornmental-friendly standards (see video)
  • Largest ground-source geothermal system beside Shineman for heating and cooling in the SUNY system (see video)
  • Shineman is 21% more energy efficient than an average science building
  • Estimated to use 40% of the energy required to operate college's earlier science spaces
  • Designed to generate 38% less waste than former science buildings
  • Rooftop photovoltaic solar energy cells (see video)
  • Shineman Center's green roof feature saves energy, reduces stormwater runoff (see video)
  • Generous use of available light to lower energy expenditures