Eco Reps

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EcoReps is a one-credit course offered through the Sustainability Minor program that encourages students to seek out and identify issues in sustainability, environmentalism and green-actions on our campus and in our community.

Each EcoRep works to document and implement potential solutions to these issues, both large and small, with the intent to impact change, shift paradigms and influence their peers. The class and the program work not only to identify issues in a collaborative, supported environment, but also to document the success of the solutions - and the impact of the problems.

EcoReps is open to any student with an interest in understanding and influencing the current system and making the campus and the world a better place for themselves and future generations.

Meet the Eco-Reps!

EcoRep Nick Ransbury and Irene Putzig

Nick Ransbury & Irene Putzig

"We became eco-reps in the spring of 2014 to make a difference on our campus in any way possible. We partnered up to tackle projects of sustainability such as a project titled "Garbage Analysis in Cooper" and a poster campaign titled "Oz, We Go Green."

 The goal of the garbage analysis was to obtain data of the average weight of waste a student throws out in the dining hall. We did this in order to allow future Eco Reps students to use the data for projects aimed at reducing waste. 
The poster campaign was focused on putting students in the mind set of going green and acting sustainably. We did this by taking pictures of students with a whiteboard on which they had written either a goal or an idea for living sustainably. 
This course allowed us to gain experience in data collection, communication skills, and formal report writing. The data we obtained will be able to help future generations of eco-reps and make a difference in the mind set of current students. During both projects, many students would come up to us and ask us what we were doing, both out of curiosity and interest in becoming involved. Seeing that non-Eco Reps students were seriously interested in our work made a huge difference in motivating us to continue trying to make a difference here at SUNY Oswego and in our home communities. Through these projects we were able to build connections and understand what it takes to be a leader.

EcoRep Jacqui Phaneuf

Jacqui Phaneuf

"I really like this class, I'm very glad I'm taking it. I've learned a lot about sustainability, and now as a result of taking this class, I feel that I can actually effect green change in the world.  Since taking this class, I now realize that I hold much more power and influence over my peers in relation to convincing them to go green than I thought. I took the class because I wanted to gain more knowledge about sustainability and related technologies, products, etc., make positive change around campus, and teach other students and faculty about sustainability."


Lisa Cassidy EcoRep
Lisa Cassidy

"I  became an EcoRep for SUNY Oswego because I wanted to contribute to the development of a sustainable culture on campus. I want to help students better understand what it means to be a citizen of the Earth and take it as a personal responsibility! I hope the class grows in the years to come so that future students can build off of the projects we are putting into action now!"



Recent Projects:

• Screening of the documentary "Current Alternative" about a family living off the grid, a unique opportunity to see a great movie that you'll never be able to see again!
• "Eat-in", which is a picnic/teach in where we'll discuss local and natural foods and take part in a comment card campaign to encourage Oswego to sign onto the "Real Food Commitment"
• Workshop where students can fix up an old bike as an alternative to driving/taking the bus.