Enviromental Sustainability Team (EST)

The EST is a committee of faculty, staff and students dedicated to accomplishing the goal of making SUNY Oswego a carbon neutral campus by 2050. Steps are being taken by this committee to reduce our carbon footprint 20% by 2020.

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Climate Academic Steering Committee (CASC)

Serves as advocates for the advancement of sustainability as a part of the curriculum at SUNY Oswego through general education, minor and major advancement, internship and research opportunities.

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Actively Collaborating Toward Solutions (ACTS)

ACTS is a program designed to work with students and faculty from the Oswego City School District and SUNY Oswego, as well as Oswego city community members to discover and ‘act’ upon sustainable solutions. This semester Joshua Adams and the Cinema and Screen Studies students unraveled the least sustainable practices of Filmmaking. Vastly reducing paper usage, power, travel, chemical development of film,two teams shot, edited and screened a short film based on Plato’s The Allegory of the Cave. The films will be screened with a talkback session and Q&A at Oswego High School this semester. Lisa Glidden and the Sustainability Minors researched the Japanese Barberry, an invasive species of plant that has taken root in the Glimmerglass Lagoon. Working together with college and high school students, the plants are being removed and replaced with native species this spring. An informational and tactile lesson is planned for Oswego Elementary students in the later spring. Ted Winkworth and the Outdoor Club are currently collaborating with the Oswego City Community Garden to increase their productivity and ease of access to the garden for the community members, SUNY Oswego and OCSD students.