Bike Sharing at SUNY Oswego

Student with Bike

Our Purpose 

The Bicycle Sharing Organization was formed to provide reliable bicycle access to members of the campus community.Our main intentions are to encourage sustainable transportation, reduce commuter parking congestion, and provide resources for members to engage in physical activity.

Our Process

Bikes are given out for up to one academic semester in duration. In order to request a bicycle, interested parties need to become a member of the Bicycle Sharing Organization by contacting Jason MacLeod at, and signing the organizational agreement forms.  All registered students who have paid their SA fee are eligible, however, that does not guarantee you will receive a bike.  Bikes are given out by request on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Donate Bikes Today!

We are always accepting donations. Either drop off bikes at 165 Wilber Hall or contact Jason MacLeod to schedule a pickup.

Club Terms and Conditions:

1. All bikes are the exclusive property of SUNY Oswego's Bicycle Sharing Organization

2. A lock will be provided with each bike and must remain with that bike at all times. Bikes should
be locked whenever they are not being       used.

3. Bikes are permitted to be used on or off campus.
4. Members may share their bikes freely; however, they are solely liable for their bike.

5. Members who have either lost or returned bikes with unreasonable or grossly negligent
damages may forfeit their future rights to membership in this organization.

Did You Know?

There is free Bike Storage located in G89 Shineman?
(accessible to all during building operation hours)

For more information on the Bicycle Sharing Organization, or biking at Oswego in general, please email
 us at