Strategic Plan 2014

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SUNY Oswego's Strategic Planning Advisory Board (SPAB) is currently working together to review SUNY Oswego's current strategic plan and to gather data, opinions and insight from diverse campus and community stakeholders to help the college develop its next strategic plan which will be written in spring 2014. The new strategic plan will serve as a five-year guide that will reflect the goals and aligned actions of the college.

An Oct. 1 kickoff meeting launched the current strategic planning process and has been followed by two additional SPAB meetings. November 2013 to January 2014 will continue be a a busy period, with a series of focus groups planned to hear the voices of Oswego faculty, staff, students, alumni and community members who are not on the Strategic Planning Advisory Board.

These next few months will be an exciting time marked by opportunities for the SPAB to share ideas, analyze data and lead conversations that will help SUNY Oswego craft its next strategic plan.  


Our Strategic Planning Advisory Board draws from the campus and the community with 35 members reflecting faculty, staff, alumni and community members plus six current SUNY Oswego students who provide input on the direction of our institution.

Strategic Planning Advisory Board 2013-2014 members: Rick Back, Marcia Burrell, Joan Carroll, Lorrie Clemo, Diane Cooper-Currier, Keith Davis, Mary DePentu, Kerry Dorsey, Kristen Eichhorn, Kathleen Evans, Richard (Dick) Farfaglia, Mitch Fields, Eileen Gilligan, Daniel Griffin, Malcolm Huggins, Richard Kolenda, Peg Lloyd, Nick Lyons, Christopher Mack, Fritz Messere, Sarfraz Mian, Pam Michel, Catherine Santos, Lisa Schnorr, Barbara Shaffer, Richard Skolnik, Alfred Stamm, Casey Walpole and Jerald Woolfolk.

Student members: Tia Collier, Daichi Mae, Oluwakemi Mogaji, Kiersten Riordan, David Titanic and Eyub Yegen

Staff to the board: Julie Harrison Blissert, Pam Caraccioli, Kristi Eck, Howard Gordon, Jeff Grimshaw and Mehran Nojan.