Completing Your SEFA Pledge Form

Pledge packets for the 2014-15 SEFA United Way Campaign have been distributed by Building Representatives. Submit completed forms to Caroline Currier, 102 Culkin Hall, Building #26.

SEFA Complete and Print Pledge Form (PDF) (Please be sure to complete the Step Up Challenge entry form on the back to be eligible for the Step Up Challenge).

Completing the form takes just a few minutes, but can mean so much in meeting the needs of our community organizations and agencies. Step-by-step instructions.

Many of our colleagues would like to have their gift to go to one of hundreds of local, state-wide, national and international agencies. There are hundreds of Agencies available to whom all or part of your pledge may be contributed to. View an on-line Charity Search to find the appropriate code number(s) of your choice agencie(s) for your pledge form(PDF). Link to SEFANYS Brochure (Central NY agencies can be found on pages 31-33.

Step up and Win!
Step up Challenge of United Way of Central NY - View the Step Up Prize Calendar (PDF) to see daily and grand prizes. Winners are drawn from among the Central New York donors who pledge for the first time at least $1 per week or increase their donation by $1 per week over last year.

All SUNY Oswego employees who increase their yearly pledge in this way, through SEFA, are automatically entered, but only if they also complete and send in with their pledge form the STEP UP CHALLENGE form (PDF). If you qualify, please print the form, complete it and return it along with your completed pledge form.