SEFA Packet Materials

The following links can take you through what you need to make a payroll deduction pledge or direct contribution.

NYSEFA 2015 Logo

SEFA Brochure

(Central New York agencies can be found on pages 34-36)

Please submit completed forms to Nancy Concadoro, Human Resources, 201 Culkin Hall, Building #26.

New this year - make your SEFA contribution electronicallyHere is how!

SEFA Pledge and Payroll Deduction Authorization (web-based version - complete and print but remember to reset the form after printing) (also remember to complete the Step Up Challenge Form)

SEFA Introductory Letter with Schedule of Events and Building Representatives (pdf)

Pledge instructions Step by Step (pdf)

Step up Challenge Form (pdf) - Click on Fill and Sign, then Qualify for Central NY United Way weekly prizes.  This form must accompany your SEFA Pledge form. (The form will appear on the reverse side of the pledge form in your SEFA packet). Check out the 2015-2016 Step Up Challenge Prize Calendar.  See Step Up Challenge Contest Rules.

Why We Give Testimonials by SUNY Oswego Employees Diane Dillon, Nancy Concadoro, Tammy Elowsky and Kristin Gublo.

NYSEFA Agency Codes 2015 (pdf) (Central NY agencies can be found on pages 34-36)