SEFA Bake-Offs 2014

Calling all bakers!!! 
The 2014 Bake Off Schedule has been announced!

Marano Center Bake Off - Wednesday, October 15th 
1:00pm-3:00pm on the Marano Center Concourse - near the Point
Buildings participating: Marano, King, Penfield, Rich and Sheldon Halls
Contact person: Tammy Elowsky

Shineman Center Bake Off - Monday, October 20th
12 noon until 2:30pm in the Shineman Center Atrium
Buildings participating: Building 20, Lee, Park, Shineman and Wilber Halls
Contact person: Kristin Gublo

Culkin Bake Off - Thursday, October 23rd
1:00pm until 3:00pm in 711 Culkin Hall
Buildings participating: Building 12, Culkin, Laker, Pathfinder, Maintenance and Rice Creek

Contact person: Becky Truax

Mahar Hall Bake Off - Tuesday, October 28th

12 noon until 2:30pm in the Mahar Hall Lobby
Buildings participating: Hewitt Union, Lanigan, Mahar, Tyler and Walker Health Center

Contact person: Laura Brown

SEFA Bake Off Schedule 2014