SEFA Bake-Offs 2014

Calling all bakers!!! 
The 2014 Bake Off Schedule has been announced!
The results are ROLLING in!

Some of the results are in! Check it out!

Marano Center Bake Off - Wednesday, October 15th 
1:00pm-3:00pm on the Marano Center Concourse - near the Point
Buildings participating: Marano, King, Penfield, Rich and Sheldon Halls
Contact person: Tammy Elowsky
We raised $148 for our campaign!  AWESOME JOB!!!

Shineman Center Bake Off - Monday, October 20th
12 noon until 2:30pm in the Shineman Center Atrium
Buildings participating: Building 20, Lee, Park, Shineman and Wilber Halls
Contact person: Kristin Gublo
We raised $208 for our campaign!  AWESOME Job!!!

Culkin Bake Off - Thursday, October 23rd
1:00pm until 3:00pm in 711 Culkin Hall
Buildings participating: Building 12, Culkin, Laker, Pathfinder, Maintenance and Rice Creek

Contact person: Becky Truax

Mahar Hall Bake Off - Tuesday, October 28th

12 noon until 2:30pm in the Mahar Hall Lobby
Buildings participating: Hewitt Union, Lanigan, Mahar, Tyler and Walker Health Center

Contact person: Laura Brown

SEFA Bake Off Schedule 2014