College Council Minutes of Oct. 4, 2013

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PRESENT                                         ABSENT

Mr. James McMahon,Chair          Mr. Paul Culligan, excused 
Ms. Darlene Baker  
Mr. Saleem Cheeks
Mr. Richard Farfaglia
Mr. Michael Goldych
Mr. Baye Muhammad
Mr. William Scriber
Mr. Gary Sluzar
Mr. Anthony Smith

Ms. Deborah F. Stanley, President
Mr. Nicholas Lyons, Vice President for Administration and Finance
Mr. Howard Gordon, Executive Assistant to the President
Ms. Kristi Eck, Interim Chief of Staff
Ms. Joan Carroll, Faculty Assembly Chair
Ms. Julie Harrison Blissert, Director of Public Affairs and College Council Recorder

1.  The chair called the meeting to order at 9:10 a.m. in Room 325 of the Shineman Center.

2.  The minutes of May 30, 2013, were unanimously approved.

3.  Residence Life and Housing: Mr. Gordon introduced Dr. Rick Kolenda and Ms. Sara Blaney from the Office of Residence Life and Housing and two students, Johnson Hall resident mentors Shannon Cilento and Stephen Aschkenes. Dr. Kolenda noted that the college has 13 residence halls -- with the addition of Sheldon Hall in 2008 and the Village in 2010 -- housing 4,307 students this fall. Residence Life employs 347 students. Ms. Blaney talked about programming in the halls designed to create a vibrant, just and caring community and also sustainability initiatives. Dr. Kolenda talked about recent and planned renovations, including wireless access in all halls. Next to be renovated are Waterbury, Scales and Funnelle halls, from 2015 to 2018. President Stanley said these renovations may occur without the need for bonding or higher room rates. She and Mr. Lyons addressed the business model of the residence halls, their self-sufficiency, bond service for the halls and Oswego loaning the state $5 million temporarily to cover other institutions' debt. Discussion touched on the former PIP program, community service requirements and opportunities, room selection, residence retention, Mackin Complex uses, accessibility for students with disabilities, the eroded quality of off-campus housing, the Renaissance Project in the city and voter registration.

4.  Student Association Report: Mr. Smith noted that Student Senate is almost all freshmen this year. He reported on October Safety Week and alternatives to Rave Guardian, Laker Life as an online home for student organizations, programs to address hazing, encouraging student organizations to mingle multiculturally, and a Greek image campaign. He said he met with Mayor Tom Gillen and Councilman Michael Todd on town-gown issues and discussed a proposed five-year plan on student-city relations, poor living conditions in rental housing and a New Digs rental registry. President Stanley noted plans for neighborhood block parties. Discussion involved campus-community communication, the D-bus, renters' rights, students attending Common Council meetings, city rental registries, and the economic impact of the college in the city.

5.  President's Remarks: President Stanley reported on the latest enrollment numbers showing a large freshman class, marked increases in underrepresented students and full residence halls. She noted in particular the rise in applications from and enrollment of students pursuing science and related disciplines and the shift over the past 12 years in enrolling students predominantly from downstate rather than predominantly from Central New York. She said work is continuing on the next strategic plan.

6.  Faculty Report: Ms. Carroll noted that Faculty Assembly now meets in the Shineman Center. She reported on upcoming revisions to psychology programs, plans for new minors, discussions about family leave, changes to discretionary pay raise procedures, and efforts to increase the efficiency of Faculty Assembly. Discussion included education of students for communications careers, interdisciplinary programs, the process for creating new academic majors and minors, and the need for programs in political communications and science communications.

7.  Alumni Report: Postponed in the absence of alumni reporter Rick Yacobush.

8.  Old Business: None

9.  New Business: The chair noted the College Council's new annual report in the meeting materials. Mr. Scriber apologized for omitting Mr. Sluzar's name and noted the report would be amended. Mr. Scriber moved that the following resolution be approved:

Whereas, Article 8, Section 356 of the New York State Education Law details the powers and duties of Councils of state-operated institutions; and
Whereas, among the duties of Councils of state-operated institutions, as specified in item "i," Article 8, Section 356 of the New York State Education Law, is that each Council make an annual report to State University of New York Trustees on or before September first of each year; and
Whereas, the SUNY Oswego College Council has prepared its annual report for the year ending June 30, 2013; and
Whereas, The SUNY Oswego College has reviewed and voted to accept the annual report to the SUNY Board of Trustees;
NOW THEREFORE, it is hereby resolved:
Pursuant to and in accordance with Article 8, Section 356 of the New York State Education Law, the SUNY Oswego College Council submits the attached annual report to the State University of New York Board of Trustees on October 4, 2013.

Mr. Goldych seconded it, and it passed unanimously.

The chair named Mr. Scriber to be the council's liaison on StartUp New York.

The chair raised plans for a yearlong meeting schedule, with Friday as a preferred meeting time.

Members suggested intercollegiate athletics, scholarships for hockey players, and college services for veterans as future meeting topics and the Phoenix Center as a future meeting site.

The meeting adjourned at 11:20 a.m.

Annual Report Resolution 2013 (PDF)