College Council Minutes of Nov. 30, 2012

Audio recording of the meeting available on iTunes U

PRESENT                                        ABSENT
Mr. James McMahon, Chair 
Ms. Darlene Baker
Mr. Saleem Cheeks
Mr. Paul Culligan
Mr. Richard Farfaglia
Mr. Michael Goldych
Ms. Carolyn Rush
Mr. William Scriber
Mr. Gary Sluzar
Ms. Rebecca Witkin

Ms. Deborah F. Stanley, President
Dr. Lorrie Clemo, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Mr. Nicholas Lyons, Vice President for Administration and Finance
Ms. Kerry Dorsey, Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations
Dr. James Scharfenberger, Associate Vice President and Dean for  Student Affairs
Mr. Howard Gordon, Executive Assistant to the President
Ms. Ellen McCloskey, Assistant to the President
Ms. Joan Carroll, Faculty Assembly Chair
Mr. Rick Yacobush, Oswego Alumni Association
Ms. Julie Harrison Blissert, Director of Public Affairs and College Council Recorder

1.  The chair called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m. He welcomed new member Richard Farfaglia and new alumni representative Rick Yacobush.

2.  The minutes of September 14, 2012, were unanimously approved.

3.  Cinema and Screen Studies: Dr. Clemo introduced Dr. Amy Shore, professor of cinema and screen studies, and Jeffrey Newell, a graduate of the program who is currently a graduate student. Dr. Shore said that Oswego's cinema program came into being in spring 2007; within two years, there were 120 majors; the first class graduated in May 2012; and the program is distinguished by the involvement of students. She introduced a film by Mr. Newell. For "Photosphere," Mr. Newell said he carried cameras with him for a year capturing images of scenes in Oswego and within two hours of Oswego. The film is available on Vimeo. Discussion involved the specifics of making the film, second majors with cinema studies (including physics, broadcasting, creative writing, English, business administration), what alumni of the program do, a documentary on Temple Grandin, Mr. Newell's plans and projects, and the capability and limits of cameras.

4.  Student Association Report: Ms. Witkin reported on the SUNY Student Assembly conference in Syracuse, where students passed a resolution to raise the cap on the student activity fee; monthly town-gown meetings with Oswego's mayor and police chief, with proposals to expand late-night programming and community service opportunities for students; a proposed smartphone application for student organizations and their events; a "Be the Change" campaign integrated with social media; and the Student Association budget process, which is getting under way.

5.  Faculty Report: Ms. Carroll reported on curricular revisions, a new logic minor, academic calendar approval for 2016-17, new general education implementation, governance task force work, the well-reviewed SUNY Faculty Senate fall plenary at Oswego in October, and a fund collection for the family of the construction worker who died on campus. Discussion involved general education requirements and improving transferability within SUNY.

6.  Alumni Report: Mr. Yacobush reported on the upcoming alumni reunion, 23 alumni in residence presenting at Oswego, Alumni Sharing Knowledge, the Future Alumni Network with over 100 members, regional alumni events being scheduled around the nation, planning for Senior Week, Commencement Eve desert reception December 14, Graduates of the Last Decade parties in six cities, New York City Career Connections January 10, reception for legacy student during Family and Friends Weekend, Athletic Hall of Fame recognition, increased efforts to use social channels to share news and campus activity, holiday reception December 13 at the Metro Center and the gift bag for members.

7.  President's Remarks: President Stanley and Mr. Lyons reported on budget matters: the new SUNY budget methodology; expected tuition increase for 2013-14 which would generate about $2.2 million for Oswego; four Power of SUNY initiatives -- research innovation, SUNY Leads, educational pipeline initiatives and performance-based funding. Oswego's projected state-operating budget for next year is $58.8 million. Applying factors of the new resource allocation methodology -- enrollment, research, geographic and mission adjustments -- appears to be revenue neutral for Oswego. Oswego is a strong position because it has been working with business and industry as it develops the curriculum and is growing in the sciences. The president noted that state support would not provide the margin of excellence needed to lift the institution. She also gave a construction update, including the opening of the science complex next fall and Rice Creek Field Station next summer, and reported on the partnership with a Korean university and preparations for 45 students arriving in January, a grant proposal through the NY SUNY 2020 program with SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry and Upstate Medical University, the trustees' upcoming vote to approve branch campus status for the Metro Center (next step: state Education Department approval), and Commencement on December 15. Dr. Clemo reported on the Mentor-Scholar Program which brought 80 eight-graders to campus today, part of the pipeline initiative, raising children's and their families' expectations about going to college.

Discussion involved Say Yes and the education pipeline, budget effects of Hurricane Sandy response, funding of SUNY centers, communications infrastructure, tuition for Korean students, and Chancellor's Award winners' backgrounds. Mr. Goldych suggested inviting state Sen. David Valesky to speak at a future College Council meeting.

8.  Old Business: None

9.  New Business:

a. Annual Report Resolution: Mr. Cheeks moved approval of the resolution (see pdf below) and Ms. Rush seconded the motion. The resolution was unanimously approved.

b. Resolution Naming the Science, Engineering and Innovation Corridor: Ms. Rush moved approval of the resolution (see pdf below), and Mr. Goldych seconded it. President Stanley spoke about the donor, Dr. Barbara Shineman, and her late husband, Dr. Richard Shineman, and their long and close relationship with the college. Ms. Dorsey noted the Shinemans' civic and philanthropic involvement in the community. Ms. Rush spoke to the Shinemans' importance in building a philanthropic culture at Oswego over decades. Discussion also included the story of the naming of Snygg Hall and where the Snyggs can continue to be recognized after that building comes down. The resolution passed unanimously.

c. Executive Session: At 4:30 p.m. a motion to go into executive session in accordance with §105(d) and §105(f) of the state Open Meetings Law was made by Ms. Rush, seconded by Ms. Witkin and unanimously approved.

At 5:00 p.m. Mr. Scriber moved that the council resume public session, Mr. Sluzar seconded, and members unanimously approved. The meeting then adjourned.

Annual Report Resolution (PDF)
Naming Resolution (PDF)