College Council Meeting Minutes

May 10, 2012

Audio recording of the meeting available on iTunes U

PRESENT                                          ABSENT
Mr. James McMahon, Chair             Mr. Paul Culligan, excused             
Mr. Saleem Cheeks                          Ms. Darlene Baker, excused
Mr. Jonathan McDonald            
Mr. Michael Goldych
Ms. Carolyn Rush
Mr. William Scriber
Mr. Gary Sluzar

Ms. Deborah F. Stanley, President
Dr. Lorrie Clemo, Interim Provost, Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dr. James Scharfenberger, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
Mr. Nicholas Lyons, Vice President for Administration and Finance
Ms. Kerry Dorsey, Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations
Mr. Howard Gordon, Executive Assistant to the President
Ms. Ellen McCloskey, Assistant to the President
Ms. Rebecca Witkin, Student Association President
Dr. Joan Carroll, Faculty Assembly Chair
Ms. Julie Harrison Blissert, Director of Public Affairs
and College Council Recorder

1. Mr. McMahon called the meeting to order at 1 p.m. in Room 114 of the Campus Center.

2. The minutes of the meeting of December 2, 2011, were approved.

3. Oswego Going Global
President Stanley introduced Director of Institutional Research and Assessment Mehran Nojan, who spoke about Oswego Going Global and its first major project, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Oswego Going Global promotes international learning experiences and helps make study abroad available to all students. Dr. Nojan and Gary Morris of Career Services led a group of 23 students and staff who summited Kilimanjaro to promote Oswego Going Global. Interim Provost Clemo, Director of International Education Josh McKeown and Dr. Sandra Moore, chair of the health promotion and wellness department, made the event an academic program, distinctive to SUNY Oswego. Dr. Nojan introduced four student members of the climbing team, who spoke of learning about the Tanzanian culture, going way beyond their comfort zone and other aspects of the "humbling," "eye-opening" and life-changing" experience. Discussion touched on the students' impressions of cultural differences and intercultural communication. Mr. Goldych moved and Ms. Rush seconded a motion to commend Dr. Nojan for initiating Oswego Going Global and the students and staff who joined her team; the motion was unanimously approved.

4. President's Remarks
The president reported on the Middle States evaluation team's final report, which was highly positive: the college met all 14 standards, was given no requirements or recommendations, and received more than a dozen commendations. The Middle States Commission on Higher Education board will formalize the report at its meeting in June. She also spoke about the budget; shared services -- Oswego is working with the College of Environmental Science and Forestry and SUNY-wide purchases; SUNY's resource allocation methodology and performance-based funding plans; construction, including the science complex to open in fall 2013, Tyler Hall renovation plans, signage and Campus Center improvements for student activities; summer projects including the Global Laboratory, which is more than doubling participating students this year; freshman applications for fall; co-op placements next year ahead of schedule; a new joint task force on adjuncts; new strategic planning effort beginning in the fall; and commencement plans. Discussion included the topics of the Middle States' commendations, the impact of the tuition increase, capital consolidation and the debt cap, freshwater studies, Harborfest housing, an Upward Bound proposal, student teaching placements, Village residents' satisfaction, felony arrests in Hart Hall, Bridge Street Run, and residential requirements.

5. Faculty Report
Dr. Carroll reported on approving the master of arts in teaching degree program under the Race-to-the-Top-funded Oswego Residency Initiative for Teacher Excellence grant; limiting internal transfer into biology and broadcasting; the pre-registration pilot for transfer students; the new task force on shared governance to look at committee structure; and approving a new model for General Education, including world awareness courses. Discussion topics included the new town statue of Mary Walker and General Education credits and requirements.

6. Student Association Report
Mr. McDonald introduced his successor, Ms. Witkin. She said she plans to advocate for student activity programming space and work on sustainability, campus-city relations -- monthly meetings with the mayor are scheduled -- and advocating for students on whatever issue is important to them. Mr. McDonald thanked council members for welcoming him and extending advice. He said he is proud of establishing connections with upcoming student leaders and the new mayor. His plans include student teaching in the fall locally and in New Zealand. The council congratulated him. Discussion touched on student voter registration and miscommunication on election matters and acquainting students with the eastern shore of Lake Ontario.

10. Old Business
The chair invited Mr. Sluzar to update the council on Rice Creek improvements. They include a new building, with work to begin this summer. Cost is about $5 million for the entire project. Discussion included the solar power offset.

11. New Business
The chair invited Dr. Scharfenberger to present the Third-Party Free Speech Policy. The policy formalizes what the college has done for years. The designated area is the sundial quad between Hewitt and Penfield. Discussion covered reasons to deny requests, challenges to such policies at colleges nationally, how to manage large or unruly presentations, Occupy Oswego and online application for permits. Mr. Sluzar moved to approve the policy, Mr. Goldych second it, and the motion was unanimously approved.

Mr. Sluzar moved to go into executive session to discuss a personnel matter and a policy that may involve litigation. Ms. Rush seconded the motion at 3:10 p.m.

At 3:45 p.m., Mr. Sluzar moved to end the executive session, Mr. Cheeks seconded the motion, and it was approved unanimously.

The chair noted that next meeting's agenda on June 7 would include electronic means the college uses to communicate with students, a presentation from the Office of Business and Community Relations and a group photo.

The meeting adjourned at 3:50 p.m.