College Council Agenda

SUNY Oswego College Council Meeting
Friday, November 14, 2014
Room 114, Marano Campus Center 

  1. Welcome and call to order: James McMahon, Chair
  2. Approval of minutes of October 17, 2014: James McMahon, Chair 
  3. Iron pour: Faculty members Richard Bush and Benjamin Entner
  4. Athletics programs: Susan Viscomi, Athletics Director
  5. Student Association report: Tucker Sholtes 
  6. Alumni report: Rick Yacobush
  7. Faculty report: Joan Carroll 
  8. President's remarks: Deborah F. Stanley, President 
  9. Old business: James McMahon, Chair 
  10. New business: James McMahon, Chair 
    a. Draft resolution on local economic development: Gary Sluzar