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The numbers say it all. See our significant progress in the past decade; and we've only just begun!
New Student Applications. Interest in SUNY Oswego contniues to skyrocket. New student applications rose over 37% in the past decade. Chart: 9,630 in 2000, 13,156 estimated in 2010
Student Diversity. We're proud of the 42% increase in the ethnically rich culture of those attending SUNY Oswego. Student diversity will reach an institutional record this fall with 20% of incoming students self-selecting as underrepresented. Chart: 638 in 2000, 908 in 2009.
Small Class Size. We're proud of our low student-to-faculty ratio. Over half the classes a student takes will feature less than 19 students per professor-in many cases, that number is much lower. Since 200 we have increased small classes by 24%. Less than 8% of all classes at Oswego have more than 49 students. Chart: 444 in 2000, 551 in 2009.
Student Retention. Our comprehensive learner-centered approach helps us retain more students- currently at 82% from freshamn to sophomore year- up from 73% in 2000. Chart 73% in 2000, 82% in 2009.
Women in Science. With our country’s greatest need ever for breaking down gender barriers in science, SUNY Oswego has seen nearly a 50% increase women in our science programs.
Service Learning. The college commitment to giving back has had an explosive 227% increase in engagement in the Oswego and world community, as we think and act both locally and globally.
International Experience. Members of our campus community immerse themselves in global cultures. With the number of SUNY Oswego students studying abroad doubling in a decade, our connections become increasingly fruitful and fertile.
Faculty Scholarship. A vast increase in faculty research both in the U.S. and abroad in the past five years is yielding the highest level of scholarship in both quality and quantity in the college’s history.
Diverse Faculty. In keeping with our diverse perspective for the world at large and the lessons that come from cultures abroad, Oswego has nearly twice the faculty from divergent global backgrounds as it did 10 years ago.
Capital Improvements. Capital improvements have profoundly improved the spaces of the campus community. Our many emerging structures include the new Campus Center, The Village townhouses community, and the soon-to-be-built Science Complex.
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