Facts & figures

2013 graduation

Facts & figures

Mission & statistics

Founded: 1861

Our mission is to contribute to the common good by lighting the path to wisdom and empowering women and men to pursue meaningful lives as productive, responsible citizens.

Fall 2013 Enrollment
TOTAL: 8,117
Undergraduate: 7,328
Graduate: 789
From New York state: 7,817 (96.3%)
From Central New York: 2,880 (35.5%)
Minority, including international: 1,623 (20%)

2013 graduation

Degrees Awarded
TOTAL: 2,061
Bachelor of Arts: 859
Bachelor of Fine Arts: 41
Bachelor of Science: 830
Master of Arts: 26
Master of Arts in Teaching: 12
Master of Business Administration: 65
Master of Science: 43
Master of Science in Education: 106
Master of Science in Teaching: 25
Certificate of Advanced Study: 54

All-College Budget: $159.9 million

Tuition and fees (net of aid) 22.90%
General state appropriations 36.62%
Auxiliary enterprises 21.61%
Grants and contracts 18.54%
Capital and other funds 0.32%
Instruction 46.30%
Institutional support 9.67%
Academic support 8.58%
Housing and other auxiliary 15.16%
Scholarships 5.95%
Student services 10.37%
Research and public service 3.96%

These charts reflect SUNY Oswego‘s operating results during the 2012-13 fiscal year, the most recent final data available through the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) Financial Survey. IPEDS no longer includes Auxiliary Services activity (dining, vending, bookstore, etc.), which amounted to $24,322,707 in 2012-13. 

Capital Outlay: $78.5 million
The college had capital construction and equipment outlay, across all funds and operations, amounting to $78,547,796 in 2012-13.

Oswego College Foundation
The Oswego College Foundation Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c) (3) organization responsible for raising and administering support and revenue for the advancement of SUNY Oswego. The following summary is from the audited financial statements of the foundation for the year July 1, 2012, through June 30, 2013.

Cash and investments $17,766,536
Other assets $5,542,416
Total assets $23,308,952
Liabilities ($2,251,092)
Net assets $21,057,860
Contributions and other revenue $12,966,316
Distributions ($4,180,653)
Change in net assets $8,785,663

2013 Admissions Profile
Mean SAT score: 1,100
Mean high school average: 89.3
Applications: 12,556
Accepted: freshmen 49%, transfers 60%
Newly enrolled freshmen and transfers: 2,353
Newly enrolled underrepresented students: 495
Newly enrolled Central New Yorkers (Oswego and neighboring counties): 658

2012-13 Employees
Full-time faculty and staff: 1,176
Part-time faculty and staff: 554
Part-time student employees: 3,236
Full-time equivalent employees: 1,943

Acres: 696
Buildings: 58

Campus Center with Lake Ontario on horizon

2013-14 Student Costs (for state residents)
Full-time undergraduate tuition: $5,870
Room and full board for new students (guaranteed for four years): $12,828
Fixed fees: $1,311
Full-time graduate tuition: $9,870 ($12,130 for MBA students)

74,718 alumni with known addresses
51,789 alumni in New York state
23,491 alumni in Central New York

Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Higher Education
AACSB International – Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business
American Chemical Society
Council on Technology Teacher Education
National Association of Schools of Art and Design
National Association of Schools of Music
National Association of School Psychologists
National Association of Schools of Theatre
National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education

Officers of the college

Deborah F. Stanley

Lorrie Clemo
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost

Jerald Woolfolk
Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

Nicholas Lyons
Vice President for Administration and Finance

Kerry Dorsey
Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations

Richard Skolnik
Dean of Business

Fritz Messere
Dean of Communication, Media and the Arts

Pamela Michel
Interim Dean of Education

Richard Back
Interim Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences

David King
Dean of Graduate Studies and Research

Jill Pippin
Dean of Extended Learning

Darlene Baker, 2007-2014
Saleem Cheeks ’01, 2006-2013
Paul Culligan ’78, 2006-2012
Richard Farfaglia, 2012-2018
Michael Goldych, 2008-2014
Brian McGrath, 2013-2019
James McMahon, Chair, 2008-2015
Baye Muhammad, 2013-2018
William Scriber ’80, 2010-2017
Gary Sluzar, 2009-2016
Anthony Smith, 2013-14
Rebecca Witkin, 2012-13


Mark Baum ’81
Louis A. Borrelli Jr. ’77
Rose Crane ’81
Steve Doran ’82
Kerry Casey Dorsey ’81
Michael Durney ’83
Robert Garrett ’83
Bernie Henderson
Jack James ’62
Gordon Lenz ’58
Nick Lyons
Peter McCarthy ’82
Doreen Mochrie ’85
Robert Moritz ’85
Harold E. Morse ’61
Colleen Murphy ’77
Colleen Enwright O’Leary ’74
Suzanne Castrigno Sack ’84
William Spinelli ’84, Chair
Deborah Stanley
Marcia Thompson-Young ’81
Mark Tryniski ’85
Joseph Yacura ’74


Timothy Barnhart ’02
Marc Beck ’93
Paul Brennan ’93
Michael Byrne ’79
Michael Caldwell ’70
Keith Chamberlain ’87, President
Lisa Court ’83
John Daken ’66
Kerry Casey Dorsey ’81
Jerry Esposito ’70
Maureen Flynn ’04
Donna Goldsmith ’82
Ana Rodriguez King ’94
Donald Levine ’78
Steve Messina ’91
Joshua Miller ’08
Betsy Oberst
Cathleen Richards ’09
Nancy Smith Salisbury ’93
Mark Salmon ’92
Dan Scaia ’68
Lisa Marceau Schnorr ’87
William Schreiner Jr. ’92
Jennifer Shropshire ’86
Christie Torruella Smith ’08
Jeff Sorensen ’92
Deborah F. Stanley
Amy Dygert ’01
Koren Vaughan ’95
Richard Yacobush ’77
Thomas Yates ’89

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