Entrepreneurial Century

A SUNY Big Idea


Quote - 'I'm thinking of starting my own business'Economic growth depends on translating new knowledge into tangible benefits, and SUNY is working to cultivate entrepreneurial thinking across the learning landscape. At Oswego, we are building the knowledge, talents and expertise that businesses need.

In 2010-11, we invited successful entrepreneurs, many of them our own alumni, to campus to advise and serve as mentors for our students and professors, and our students and researchers are reaching out to the Central New York community, applying their fresh ideas and energy to the business and industrial sphere.

  • xray cameraIf you've ever wondered how pictures of DNA and molecules are captured, an Oswego computer science faculty member can explain. She is working with researchers at Cornell University to fashion better, more efficient tools for creating such images and thereby produce more accurate pictures that improve understanding of the substances and activities under study.

  • guava from CongoA chemistry professor's work with plants native to the Congo that help people with diabetes there might some day turn into a product that can help people with diabetes everywhere.

  • In partnership with the Makerere University Business School in Uganda, Université Paris-Dauphine in France and Université Laval in Canada, SUNY Oswego co-sponsored the 2011 Entrepreneurship in Africa conference at Syracuse University.

  • Project Run With It winnerAn international competition in California proved to an Oswego MBA student that he could work in an intense team atmosphere to produce a real-world consulting presentation. His team produced a winning project in the Project Run With It competition.

  • SUNY's Oswego-based Professional Science Master's Program aims to equip science-trained students with business-related skills as well so that they can enter the business-industry arena in New York state ready to contribute at a high level. They can bridge the communication gap between engineers and MBAs on the way to developing successful products. The program received renewed support from the Sloan Foundation in 2010-11.
  • Jeff Evans with Future Leaders
  • Corporate CEOs Fred Festa and Jeffrey Evans were among alumni returning for the first Future Oswego Leaders Conference to offer students advice.

  • SUNY Oswego's sixth annual Lewis B. O'Donnell Media Summit welcomed top media industry experts to connect with students about the current state and 2010 Media Summitfuture directions of the rapidly changing media and social media scene.

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