President's Message

President Deborah F. StanleyThis landmark year's annual report necessarily hearkens back much further than 12 months, because 2011 marked our college's sesquicentennial anniversary .

We were especially mindful of SUNY Oswego's rich traditions in 2010-11 as we expanded our Global Laboratory network, deepened our engagement with our neighbors to meet community needs and enhance the quality of life, and launched a new initiative to give students on-the-job experience tied to their learning.

This year's fully online annual report gives you wonderful opportunities to browse and explore and find what interests you — and it should work as well on your tablet and smart phone as on your computer.

Whether you simply skim the vignettes and videos you find in these pages or follow links that take you deeper into our website, I know you will find much to inspire your engagement and enthusiasm for SUNY Oswego.

— Deborah F. Stanley