Living French

Tiffany Duquette in Paris“I am so interested to learn about methods of teaching and instruction in France,” Tiffany Duquette of Peru, N.Y., blogged during her semester in Paris last year. The senior with majors in adolescence education and French was on her way to becoming a French teacher.

On cultural heritage

I have never seen a country so proud of their culture and heritage, and I really enjoy all of the events that happen every weekend. I have been here for a little over a month, and there have already been three separate festivals and events celebrating culture!

On shopping
Within five minutes of me there are hundreds of stores, but in Paris you will never find a Wal-mart. It has been very interesting getting used to going to five different stores just to do daily shopping. There are boulangeries, patisseries, boucheries, fromageries, creperies, brasseries, tabacs, papateries, libraries, etc. It is enriching to experience something so different. It is a lifestyle change, that is for sure.

On ‘multiculturalism’
When I said that multiculturalism was a mix of many cultures, the professor responded, "That is so anglophone of you. Where are you from?" In Europe, all the cultures are essentially divided by the borders of their countries, so in Europe the definition of multiculturalism is juxtaposing cultures, or cultures side-by-side. Since the United States is many cultures mixed together, it is obvious we would believe multiculturalism is various cultures in a given area.

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