Haiti Relief

Students and faculty study relief logisticsAfter the devastating earthquake in Haiti, a cross-campus group generated ideas and harnessed person-power to help.

Alyssa Amyotte, coordinator of the Center for Community Service and Service Learning, helped Student Association President Christina Ballesteros convene students and staff from the Caribbean Students Association, Red Cross Club, Student Senate, President’s Office, Auxiliary Services, Counseling Services Center, Residence Life and Housing, Hart Hall Global Living and Learning Center and other groups.

They booked tables in the Campus Center corridor to position enthusiastic student volunteers for Haiti relief fundraising. Ballesteros commissioned a T-shirt design. The spring Student Involvement Fair featured more fundraising. The Blue Line Club, boosters group for Laker men's hockey, donated proceeds from its 50-50 raffle at the sold-out Plattsburgh game.

Meanwhile, professors in the School of Business collaborated to study and learn from the humanitarian response to the earthquake and its massive mobilization of supplies and people. Students of risk management, supply chain and operations management, and organizational behavior and communication met to hear from representatives of the military, churches, media, housing and even UPS. Ann-Lorraine Edwards of the business faculty connected her students with theatre professor Jonel Langenfeld-Rial on simulations dealing with communication issues in a disaster like the earthquake.

Student Marshall Hargrave said his investigation showed the effectiveness of pre-supplied crisis hubs. “Time is a major problem,” he said. “Once the disaster happens, you can’t get goods there that day.”

Photo: Ann-Lorraine Edwards of the business faculty meets with students studying Haiti relief.

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