Laker Leader

Laker Leader Leah Landry"I like working with people," says Leah Landry of Weare, N.H. The 2010 graduate — who double-majored in public relations and art history — was co-captain of Laker Leaders, 16 students trained to assist incoming students during orientation.

What made you want to come to SUNY Oswego?
I came to Oswego's summer art institute and had a really good time. When it was time to look at colleges, I visited nine schools, including Skidmore, Dartmouth, St. Michael's and UVM. I got into all of the schools, but decided to go to Oswego because I loved it here.

What is your favorite part of studying at Oswego?
I prefer the academic side of Oswego even more than the social side. I'm in the honors program, and the classes are smaller, more discussion-based. I feel I'm really involved. I think the professors really, really love what they are teaching. If you're willing to engage them, you'll get a lot out of it.

What achievement are you most proud of at Oswego?
Being involved on campus to the point that when I walk from Sheldon Hall to the library, I know maybe 10 people along the way. I like that feeling of having a lot of connections at my school.

How is orientation?
The best part about all the new students being here is just their seeing the place: the Campus Center and all the other buildings, the expansiveness of the place, the faces that say, “Hey, I’m in college.” They come to the realization that this is a big deal, and they get really excited about it.

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