Concerted Vision

Students participate in campus master planning

What Oswego's campus will look like 10 or 20 years from now owes much to a master-planning process that is exploring diverse and exciting visions.

The process became highly visible and interactive in 2010 as consultants — funded by the SUNY Construction Fund — confronted campus stakeholders and passersby with such eye-opening questions as:

• What if an arts performance center dramatized the view that visitors see pulling into the campus's main entrance?
• What if core campus buildings, open spaces, maybe even a boathouse fronted Lake Ontario, instead of turning their backs to it?
• What if a new means of mass transit plied a direct east-west path along the campus spine, instead of the current long, slow bus loop?
• What if a turf stadium rose north of the Campus Center, putting field sports at the heart of campus life as the Campus Center’s arena has for ice hockey?

"The value of having fresh concepts from consultants is that they look differently at things we walk by every day," said Tom Simmonds, associate vice president of facilities. "These ideas are concepts. They are at the 100,000-foot view.”

The high-level concepts seek to provide a welcoming campus with clearly indicated entrances, better defined quads, and buildings that link together physically and psychologically to reflect their cross-discipline identities. Some such concepts will eventually fall in line on the ever-evolving strategic list of projects, as the new master plan brings the future into focus.

Photo: Students vote their preferences in a campus master-planning session in the Campus Center corridor.

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