Network Theorist

Business professor Ding ZhangDing Zhang, professor of marketing and management, has helped to advance the understanding of the dynamic behavior of sophisticated social and economic equilibrium problems with applications in spatial economics, finance, transportation, and environmental and regional planning.

Q. What are your research interests?
Overall, I can describe my research theme as competition over network — it encompasses areas like supply-chain management, transportation, spatial economics and international logistics.

 Q. What accomplishments are you most proud of?

A. My recent work in supply-chain management is development of a mathematical model for supply chain vs. supply chain competition. Both industry and academics see today's competition is no longer of a firm vs. a firm but a supply chain vs. a supply chain. But due to the complexity of a supply-chain network, there had been lack of scientific approach to study this subject. I am the first to raise a concept called supply-chain economy based on which I gave a mathematical formulation for an intersupply chain competition problem.

Q. And you're also doing some international projects?
I'm actively involved in research projects in China. Urban transportation is a big problem there.

Q. What is your favorite part of working at Oswego?

A. I especially enjoy teaching my students to translate a real-world business decision-making process into a mathematical model. In class, we can use it to solve problems in the social sciences, business management or engineering to show its value.  The students like doing it, and I enjoy teaching it.

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