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Students at the sound boardTwo interdisciplinary programs launched last year prepare students for up-and-coming careers: The minor in audio design and production aims to meet demand from both students and the industry, as online dissemination has exploded the number of opportunities. The graduate certificate in gerontology addresses the needs of the nation’s aging population.

The audio program connects courses in radio production, theatre sound and music recording. “Much of electronic media depends on the successful mixing of music, special effects and dialogue,” said Fritz Messere, dean of the School of Communication, Media and the Arts.

The minor’s production-centered learning environment provides hands-on experience accompanied by audio theory. “I enjoy being in this studio more than anything else,” said student Brad Gorham, a former touring and recording musician who sees his future in production.

While technology has spawned demand for audio expertise, demographics pose new challenges in social services. The U.S. Census ranked New York 21st among the states for the highest aging population in 2007, and the percentage of elderly, especially Upstate, has only grown since.

“A gerontology graduate certificate is crucial for providers that care for the aging. They often just have a generic degree in social work, public health or nursing, but they don't have the course specializations to work with the elderly,” said Jody Fiorini, chair of Oswego's counseling and psychological services department.

“This program is specifically addressing the needs of this region. It benefits everyone: Practitioners have more knowledge of the aging, organizations can increase their quality of service, and the elderly receive better care.”

Photo: 2010 senior music majors Ken Bardin and Brad Gorham found their passion in audio production.

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