Extended Engagement

Metro Center classFaster-than-expected enrollment growth at the SUNY Oswego Metro Center in downtown Syracuse created the need to seek designation as an “extension center” last year, and state authorities quickly granted the upgrade in status.

The facility, which opened as an extension site in 2008, was established as a resource to help meet the growing needs of part-time, non-residential, non-traditional age, and predominately graduate students.

"We intended this customized state-of-the-art learning center to bring opportunities for training, retraining and advanced education to this urban community — to maximize convenience for those who learn — and by doing so, to energize downtown Syracuse and make real substantive contributions to the economy of the area," said SUNY Oswego President Deborah F. Stanley.

Its rapid growth has shown that the center has helped satisfy a need in the Syracuse region by delivering high-quality, graduate learning opportunities and professional development at a public price point.

Next up for the Metro Center: “Branch campus” status, which will allow delivery of complete degree programs.

Photo: A class at the Metro Center in downtown Syracuse

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