Engaging Fellow

MBA student and Festa Fellow Fred James“I’m a person who likes to challenge myself,” says Frederick A. James Jr. of Rochester, an MBA student who completed an internship at the executive offices of Kinney Drugs as the recipient of a Festa Graduate Leadership Fellowship.

How did you learn of the Festa Fellowship?
I wanted to try to find a program where I could apply myself and not have such a financial burden. The fellowship is very competitive. I must admit the reason I am here now besides my hard work is the help of the faculty.

What has the fellowship done for you?
It gives you a real work experience, but on a managerial level. I was treated as an equal, introduced to the staff that way and worked with my mentor, Brian Scott, Kinney Drugs vice president of institutional pharmacy services. They wanted an informational package they could send out regularly to every client in the database. I added marketing appeal to the project, created a newsletter and added customer interaction. Kinney gave me a task to complete, the resources to do it, and we developed a deadline. I had a lot of freedom within the framework of meetings, conference calls and learning to manage others to help put the package together. I created an after-market survey to measure impact. I'm proud of it, and I'm proud of the way the team worked together.

Having an opportunity like this is priceless — the opportunities to meet people, to work with the vice president of Kinney Drugs. When else would I even get an opportunity to meet him?

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