Economic Impact

Report to the Region

The 2008-09 economic report that follows reflects the regional and statewide consequences of direct and related spending of the State University of New York at Oswego, two affiliated agencies and our students, faculty and staff. The more than $214.2 million in revenue for the year ending June 30, 2009, had a spending impact of more than $427.9 million in New York state and $345 million in the seven-county Central New York region.

All College Budget:
$214.2 Million*


SUNY Oswego College Budget
Dollar figures in millions.


SUNY Oswego Expenditures
Dollar figures in millions.

*Fiscal year ending 6/30/09
Sources: IPEDS Financial Survey
Campus Business Office

This economic impact report is an update of the extensive study that was completed in 2006. Economic impact study questionnaires were administered to students, faculty and staff. The purpose of that survey was to understand expenditure habits as well as other contributions faculty, staff and students made to the community, particularly through volunteer activities and sponsored research.

Students: An online survey of SUNY Oswego students was conducted. Students were e-mailed an invitation to complete the survey online and 849 (10.1%) of the 8,113 students replied with usable instruments.

Faculty and Staff: An online survey of SUNY Oswego faculty and staff was conducted. Faculty and staff were e-mailed an invitation to complete an online survey and 245 (18.3%) of the 1,337 faculty and staff replied with usable instruments.

Interviews were conducted with institutional officials to document revenues and expenditures and the corresponding direct economic impact. The Bureau of Economic Analysis’ RIMS II Model was used to obtain appropriate economic output multipliers. In addition, Regional Multipliers: A User Handbook for the Regional Output Modeling System by the U.S. Department of Commerce Bureau of Economic Analysis was used to calculate related employment data.

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